Kristen Stewart Willing To Do Anything To Win Robert Pattinson’s Trust Back

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Twitter Pic, via- @Twilight

Kristen Stewart is really going above and beyond to get Robert Pattinson to trust her again. She loves him so deeply that she herself can’t believe what she did. She has told pals that basically her and Rupert Sanders just became really good pals and that one thing lead to the other but that she was never interested in him in a sexual or romantic way. Nonetheless, a tryst was committed and she’s paying for it big time. Robert Pattinson has taken her back but doesn’t trust her as far as he can throw her and he feels conflicted just as well.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart has handed over passwords to her voice mail, email and other things alike. She recently bought a new house in which Rob was the deciding factor. He doesn’t want to live in the same house with her but he wants her close. He picked a house that’s just about a mile away from him. Moreover, according to sources, K-Stew wants things to go back to how they were and she believes if they can connect again in a physical way, everything will be back to normal. She’s considered couples therapy and sex therapy for both of them.

Robert Pattinson has yet to agree to see a sex therapist, but ultimately he wants her and he wants to put all the bad things in the past, he’s just having a very hard time. Pals close to the couple think that he’ll cave and end up in sex therapy with Kristen Stewart.

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